To mark its 7th year of existence, CÆSAR Club has teamed up with Romain Jerome to launch a limited edition of 7 watches dedicated to the most exclusive club in Romania. Bringing the first CÆSAR status symbol to reality was a challenge, but the outcome shows us that two powerful philosophies are bound to result in valuable objects.

A valuable watch always means passion – for shapes, for feelings, for technical ingenuity. The limited edition ADN CÆSAR stems from the passion of Dan Vardie, founder of the magazine and CÆSAR Club, and the courage of Manuel Emch, CEO Romain Jerome, which led them to undertake a project that is truly unique for both the luxury media and for the field of collector’s watches.

The limited-edition Romain Jerome ADN CÆSAR points skyward and focuses on the heavenly body that has inspired humankind from time immemorial. The collection includes watches featuring a structure that incorporates fragments of authentic Moon Dust and steel taken from the capsule of Apollo 11 spaceship. Especially for this limited edition, CÆSAR chose to identify each of the 7 watches with a special colour, derived from the 7 sections of the magazine. The dial is also enriched with the name of each section and with the individual series number. The unique dial colour is matched by the colour of the stitching on the alligator leather strap, a particular shade found also on the small seconds indicator at 9 o’clock. Each case-back is engraved with CÆSAR’s status symbol as well as the series number. This has given rise to 7 unique timepieces.